Long-Term Leasing

Changing from CAPEX to OPEX Budgets

Making a financial case for uplink equipment can sometimes defeat you when looking at new customer opportunities.  SpacePath now offer a radical alternative to the normal capital equipment approach. By leasing your amplifiers and sub-systems, you only commit to a specific period, after which time, you can return, renew the lease or decide to purchase the equipment outright.

Leasing equipment transfers the equipment costs from a CAPEX to an OPEX budget.   

Technical Support

Leasing uplink amplifiers and systems from SpacePath also provides the benefit of always having the latest equipment deployed in your systems.  Equipment on lease is periodically replaced /upgraded to ensure that only the most current technology is being deployed. During the lease contract, any emergency or routine support required can be provided without any further costs to the user.

Leasing contracts can be tailored to specific customer needs. Call us, we would be delighted to discuss these with you!

Please contact us to discuss your leasing requirements in more detail.