Frequency Converters

SpacePath Intelligent Frequency Converters (IFC™) shape the next-generation satellite transmission with its breakthrough leading edge technology, state of the art design, and unprecedented reliability 3 Years Warranty.

The IFC™ series design allows up to 4 embedded converters in a single 1RU shelf with extensive monitor and control via front panel, serial ports EIA232/EIA485 and Ethernet.

Also in the IFC Product range is the 1:1 redundant, hot swappable frequency convertor. This frequency converter requires does not require a separate external 1RU switch controller or external input /output switches. The 1RU redundancy design is also a cost-effective alternative to typical 3U-based solutions, providing significant savings in terms of reduced rack mount space, fewer RF cables and lower system costs.

Features Best in Class RF characteristic, Flexible reference with autosensing can lock to external 5/10 MHz reference or utilize built-in high stability reference oscillator.

Key Features

  • Superior RF performance:
    • Phase noise 15dB better than IESS308/309
    • In Band Spurious below -60dBc
    • Superior Gain flatness
  • Super wide frequency band 950 to 2150 MHz
  • True RMS power detector for both IF and RF power
  • Synthesizer frequency step of 1kHz with optional 1 Hz step size
  • User Friendly front panel with menu driven display
  • 5 /10MHz external reference Autosense
  • Single, dual, triple and quad band frequency converters in a single 1RU chassis (1.75" H x 19" W x 19" D)
  • MIL-STD- 188-164A compliant
  • Full featured M&C Interface via RS-232 serial console, packet protocol RS-485 and user friendly HTTP based GUI and SNMP:
    • Frequency control with 1kH step
    • 25dB Gain Control (Optional 30 dB)
    • Input and output power detectors
    • Automated level control (ALC) mode optional
  • 1:N Redundant ready
  • IF and RF monitoring optional
  • 24VDC universal input isolated power supply optional
  • 10MHz and DC injected into L-Band ports optional
  • Built in BUC DC via IF power supply optional


Spacepath Frequency Converter



Type Description Datasheet


IF to L Band Rack Up/Down Converter


IF & L to Ku Band Rack Up/Down Converter


IF & L to C Band Up/Down Converter


L to DBS Band Up/Down Converter


L to Ka Band Up/Down Converter


Redundant Converter

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